Leviathan V2 Green Edition 30ml

Leviathan V2 Green Edition 30ml

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A&L Ultimate Aroma Leviathan V2 Green Edition 30ml

A&L Ultimate Aroma Leviathan V2 Green Edition It is an improved version of the Leviathan aroma where we put together a delicious mixture of sour and sweet strawberries in which we will notice different nuances at times with a hit of ice.

The A&L Ultimate range concentrate is mixed in a PG / VG base. Mix 5%. Maceration 3 – 7 days

GREEN EDITION A&L is committed to you for a high quality product. As you know, the world of vaping is constantly shaken by new health problems that go hand in hand with your youth and are incredibly booming. Therefore, it is our responsibility, as it is for all French manufacturers, to offer you e-liquids and concentrated flavors developed in such a way that they exclusively integrate molecules previously validated by all scientific advances in the field of vaporization. It is in this spirit that we commit to you with our “Green Edition” label. A unique name that now appears on the bottles of the A&L Ultimate range. This guarantees the total absence of sucralose and any other sweetener derivative in our flavors. In fact, this molecule that plays the role of sweetening agent in e-liquids is currently the subject of controversy. And although nothing has yet been formally established on the consequences of the presence of sucralose in a product, as a precautionary principle, we prefer to eliminate it completely from our recipes in question to guarantee you a product of the best possible quality. Finally, all of our products in the Ultimate range that carry the “Green Edition” label have been carefully reworked to offer you a faithful reproduction of the flavors you knew. Then you can continue to appreciate or discover the uniqueness that makes the success and reputation of our A&L Ultimate range today.

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